alticloud UI

Personalizing your Experience

alticloud UI

Dynamic, Expandable, Cloud-delivered UX

AltiCloud UI is an efficient client-server system that executes the majority of
the User Interface in the cloud and delivers a simpler package for the final UX presentation
onto the clients, including STBs, mobile devices, and others.
Not only does this allow legacy STBs the ability to render complex user interface choices,
this method is also extremely cost-effective, using minimal bandwidth when delivering the UI.

Powerful brand promotion tool
Integrate branding and increase customer satisfaction

AltiCloud UI virtualizes the user interface which minimizes computation on the device.
This accelerates updates and enhancements, and makes it easy to unify
the user experience across all devices, both legacy and new.

  • 01Minimize Client Constraints

    • Easier to build a unified UX that can operate across a variety of devices
  • 02Minimizes HW Specification Contraints

    • Provides the same service in a heterogeneous device regardless of the client's HW specifications
  • 03UX Consistency

    • Simplifies the subscriber learning curve when the UX has a consistent look and feel from device to device
  • 04Rapid Commercialization Process

    • Streamlines development and test processes to provide faster time to market and easier iteration of UX
  • 05Maximizes Operational Costs

    • Integration to clients is greatly reduced for faster launch of new devices
  • 06Open-Source OS Support

    • Supports open-source platforms such as Linux, AOSP

Realizing True Personalized User Experience
Complete UX flexibility and personalization

AltiCloud UI makes it easy to continuously improve the UX,
as well as to provide multiple UX designs targeting different genres or users.
Testing and usability for new ideas is quick and easy with group testing and real-time user response monitoring.

  • 01Personalization

    • Personalization can be based on user, genre, packages, content and location; operators can choose to monetize UX options
  • 02Multiple UX

    • One household can have multiple UXs targeting specific devices, as well have the ability to change the UX dynamically 
  • 03Kid's Mode

    • A child's mode provides for a parent-managed environment, locking out channels and limiting viewing hours
  • 04Threaded Data

    • Personalized UXs for genres like sports can integrate with other data sources, enhancing the experience

Faster Time to Market
Improve operations and product deployment

AltiCloud UI provides a secure and integrated development environment​ which shortens the integration test and trial period.

Iterative testing can be done with operator subgroups, allowing fine-tuning of the service before deployment. This also utilizes a continuous improvement processes for ongoing updates and enhancements.

Operation cost-saving for customer care
Monitor faults in real-time and take proactive actions

AltiCloud UI uses a real-time monitoring tool to detect the state-of-the-system and the system​ load, with real-time issue detection.  This provides an opportunity for faster customer service problem resolution. This proactive monitoring, which provides early 

detection ​of failures, can improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.