June 21, 2020

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Alticast commercializes RAiDEA platform to penetrate the mobility market

Alticast Corp.(Alticast) is recently expanding its business with Mobility Service Platform and is actively penetrating the market.

Alticast announced that it is applying mobility platform RAiDEA to Humax Mobility’s B2B car-sharing service named “Carplat Biz”.

RAiDEA launched by Alticast is an all-in-one mobility platform that provides various types of services, such as B2C, B2B and P2P for a round trip, one way, and free-floating, targeting vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, bikes, electric scooters, etc.

Service operators who deployed RAiDEA can quickly and easily expand their services with purchasing a license rather than having to modify and change their platform for every expansion.


RAiDEA is designed as a flexible interface with numerous value-added services, such as usage based insurance, electric vehicle charging, car washing, valet parking, maintenance, etc. 






Nowadays, many are making efforts to turn parking lots into a mobility hub as the shared mobility services arises.  Among them, Alticast plans to introduce the mobility hub platform RAiDEA MHP, which is able to connect all parking lot operators to one platform and provide a base for shared mobility and self-driving services through the parking space of HI PARKING, the No.1 parking lot operator in Korea.


“RAiDEA aims to become the best mobility platform in the global market,” and “we expect that our platform will be settled in the market by providing specialized AI based mobility services with features of UBI insurance, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, personalized recommendation, and anomaly detection,” said Mi-sung Cho, head of MSP business at Alticast. “In addition, we plan to make contracts with major car-sharing operators (CSO) in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well as in Korea, which will help us gain a foothold to expand our business overseas.”


Meanwhile, Humax Group, a parent company of Alticast, has dedicated to expand its innovative business through active investment and M&A. Humax Group is further accelerating the expansion of mobility business by proceeding the electric vehicle charging service provided in parking lots. Moreover, Humax Group is speeding up its efforts to gain a competitive edge in its future mobility business by preemptively responding to the market of multi-mobility services, including parking lots, car-sharing, and electric vehicle charging. Since Humax Group aims for developing an integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (Maas), it plans to provide multi-mobility service by utilizing Alticast’s mobility service platform RAiDEA.