Windmill Service Platform–WSP

Alticast has developed software for all key components for securely delivering video services. This includes the central media handling, content security and elegant User Experience. The Windmill client-server model lets operators expand services such as VOD, Cloud DVR, Application Store, and Personalization using the most efficent, high-performing cost-effective architecture. When these components work together they make up a complete Windmill Service Platform.

Key features and benefits of WSP:

Commerce: Enable subscribers to purchase the latest episode of their favorite show, gift content to others and purchase items featured in TV content from the main screen or a companion device.

Social: Provide subscribers an immersive interactive experience with integrated social networking, enabling them to share and engage with friends and family everywhere.

Personal: Meet your customer’s unique needs with a personalized TV experience that includes individual and group recommendations, favorites and social features that deliver a comprehensive TV experience.

Secure: Provides authentication for subscribers ensuring secure VOD, OTT, commerce and application services from single-screen to multiple connected devices.

Intuitive: Improve customer satisfaction and increase subscriber retention by providing an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for viewers to find, watch and share content.

Multi-Device: Increase viewership and ARPU with integrated companion applications on secondary devices, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

Measureable: Increase revenue with accurate analytics by providing relevant and value services for viewers, while offering insight and optimization for advertisers.

Extendable: Alticast has always delivered Open solutions. APIs are built into our products allowing third-party software integrations. Our Application Store extends more opportunites to extend entertainment options to subscribers.

Compatible: Alticast has proven integrations with a variety of partners for a variety of services, from metadata to authentication and service monitoring, Alticast ensures the end-to-end solution is optimized for peak performance.